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A Material Wrap-up for my 2014 IFJM Project


As I started to put my 2014 IFJM journal away with my other journals I realized the book needed either a slipcase or a wrap to keep it dust-free. I could also label the case as I do my other journals.

Decisions, decisions… if I made a slipcase I’d have to get out the glue and was just too much bother.

A wrap it is!

IFJM Wrap2

I used a pre-painted piece of scrap paper and cut, creased and folded it to contain the little book. In the next image I believe you can see the four pencil dots I used to mark the dimensions by dotting where the book corners would sit. I removed the extra paper from all four corners.

IFJM Wrap1

I measured the depth of my book and used that measurement to make a second crease on all four flaps.  I then cut a tab on the left hand flap and used one of my hand punches to round all the corners. When I did a trial fold I could then see where I needed to make the slot.

IFJM Wrap3

The book is now securely wrapped and labeled and tucked away on my bookshelf.

IFJM 2014… finished!


IFJM Wrap4


3 thoughts on “A Material Wrap-up for my 2014 IFJM Project

  1. I found Roz too late last year to participate and am getting ready for this year. Your blog helped me the most of all the blogs in making up my mind, and tips of things you would do differently! Thank you!

    • The first year I found Roz, I also was too late to participate, but it made such an impression I just knew I’d have to do it. I’m glad my pages helped and I’m doubly happy so see that you’ll be playing too!

      • Actually you and one other blog really helped me cement my character. I threw out everything I had planned and am doing something much more spontaneous. Minimal planning ahead, and the info I need at my fingertips! YAY!

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