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… Fake Journals… not me, but close.


Gearing up for IFJM 2014

It all begins in a few weeks… April is International Fake Journal Month!

This is the third year I’ll be participating in Roz Stendahl’s brainchild, IFJM. This year’s theme, No Explanations is a reminder to us all that not everything in a journal needs to be clarified. After all, a journal is usually kept for one person, the journaler herself.

I went into both 2012 and 2013 knowing exactly who my characters were and why they journaled but this year I’m struggling. Is she me in an alternate location? … no, too tough to pull off, she has to frequent the same haunts as I do to feel authentic! I’m going to take Roz’s advice and mull over a few options and see what bubbles to the surface.

At least the journal’s made! It’s a nearly square double pamphlet journal, 5.5″ x 6″, 40 pages, made from a singe sheet of Strathmore Aquarius II.

IFJM 2014 journal1

IFJM 2014 journal2

It’s not too late to join in; April 1st is two weeks from tomorrow.

Who will YOU be?