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… Fake Journals… not me, but close.

IFJM 2013 – Journal Inscription

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I was thrilled to be able to cat-sit while the two of you took some well deserved time away.  It’s been a tough couple of years and you deserve it.

You’ll never really know how much your love and support meant to me all those years I searched for my birth mom.  I realize you meant for me to keep this journal but I filled it for you as a small token of my love and appreciation.

I’ve spent the month reflecting on love and family; we’re mirror images of each other.  I’m night to your day, black to your white, and Moon to your Sun.  You’re Mom’s “Spatzi” and I’ll always be “mien Engel”.

Welcome Home

Ihre kleine Schwester,


130430c IFJM

Liebchen – Dearest

Spatzi – little sparrow

Mein Engel – my angel

Ihre kleine Schwester – your little sister
130430d IFJM


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