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IFJM 2012 – April 29-30


IFJM 2012 - April 29-30

IFJM 2012 – April 29-30

For International Fake Journal Month 2012 I used a single sheet of 140 lb. hot press Fabriano Artistico paper cut and folded to create my sketchbook.  I’ve heard this structure called a Maze Book or a Snake Book but I think the best description is to call it what Jean from Stamphenge calls it… a Meander Accordion Fold Book.  My 22″ x 30″ sheet of paper when folded gave me 5.5″ x 7.5″ pages which I chose to use in portrait orientation.  32 pages in all… one for each day of the month along with a title and wrap-up pages.  When folded I created a cover for it with mat board, duck tape and an elastic hairband a la Diana Trout.  She made a great video if you’re interested.

IFJM 2012 - "Bound"

IFJM 2012 – “Bound”

I carried this journal with me everywhere.  It easily fit in my purse along with my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen (PPBP), Niji Waterbrush and mini watercolor kit. Since one of my goals was to get comfortable drawing directly to ink I was often nervous as I looked at the blank page.  What if I ruined the entire book with one misplaced slash of the PPBP?  Aaack!  Because I often sketched my victims while I was on my 30 minute lunch break the time limit really worked in my favor.  There was no time to obsess… just get in there and do it!

I’ll show you both sides of the unfolded sheet in my next post.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “IFJM 2012 – April 29-30

  1. I love everything about this! Wonderful work.

    • Kippiann, thank you! 2012 was my first year creating a fake journal. I had no idea what to expect and was enormously pleased just to have done a page each day! That it turned out to be a great way to silence my inner critic was a bonus!

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