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April 1, 2020 – Lysol


April 1, 2020
9:54 pm

after a sunny, then cloudy day, it’s clear and the stars are out. everyone’s gone to bed and I’m finally alone. turned off the TV. well they may have said they were going to bed but I can hear talking. someone, probably Lise and probably talking to her fella. this corona thing has really changed dating. can’t say that I’m that upset with that aspect. No chance she’ll be moving too fast. all her classes are online now and he’s moved home. only wish I could have met him. bet Silas is playing some online math game with his friends. me? offline for now. hate working from home. need a better schedule with breaks before my eyes start crossing.

Hank has an early meeting tomorrow
I’ll set my alarm.

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Fake Journal No. 9

Yup… it’s that time again.

April is International Fake Journal Month and although its creator Roz Stendahl will no longer be posting about it, that doesn’t mean I have to stop!

My ninth year. I’m probably more surprised at my commitment than anyone. Am I ready? Nope but I’m starting anyway.

I figure I have all month to discover who I am. Follow along and we’ll find out together.

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Video – #2019IFJM

For me one of the best things of IFJM is creating a video flip-through.  It’s the closest I can come to letting you page through the real thing.


If the video won’t play here you can see it on YouTube at this link.


I hope you enjoy this short video… it’s just over 4 minutes long… and please be sure to return in a few days when I’ll do my full wrap up.

#2019IFJM   #IFJM2019